Simple Bill Pay & Daily Money Management

Whether you’re a senior who is finding it increasingly hard to manage your daily finances, or you are an adult child who has noticed financial decline in your parents, Carolina Advocacy Group offers bill pay services and daily money management service. These services help seniors remain independent while minimizing the risk of falling victim to a scam or having late payments on accounts.

Simple Bill Pay

Our simple bill pay services are flexible and designed to meet your needs. Your Personal Needs Coordinator can come to your home to pay bills with you, or handle paying your bills without bothering you. When we complete paying your bills, you will be provided with a detailed accounting of the bills we paid. We will always review your bill for accuracy and question the biller should we believe you have been incorrectly charged.

Daily Money Management

Unfortunately, aging and financial decline go hand-in-hand. Basic financial task which were once effortless can become confusing and frustrating. Carolina Advocacy Group can help seniors maintain their independence by helping with basic financial tasks. In addition to alleviating the stress caused by managing finances alone, daily money management helps mitigate the risk of financial scams.